Myths, Witches, Bears and a High Alpine Landscape

Sunday, 1 September 2024

Every year in September, the Cornell Club of Switzerland comes together to explore and hike a different part of Switzerland where we enjoy its natural beauty.

The character of this year’s hike is different from previous years. It will take us to Reichenbach im Kandertal and from there, we take the postal bus to Tschingel from where we will walk up the “Bärenpfad”.

After a little over one hour, we will arrive at a nostalgic hotel and have a small lunch there.

In the early afternoon, we will continue to explore a gorge a bit higher up and closer to the famous Blüemlisalp. Almost certainly we will meet some strange and yet cute animals.

With some luck, we will also see some witches on the way.

The scenery is eerily mystic. Unfortunately, it will be nice weather on September 1, thus, it is less mystic than during a bad and cold weather day in November, when one is completely alone. In those days, we can easily imagine that people saw many ghosts and felt threatened by witches, bears, animals, and the mountains high above.

The final stretch close to the viewpoint.

The walk back to Tschingel will lead us through interesting gorges and parallel to the postal road up Griesalp.

And of course, more witches will threaten our paths. Nowadays, they rot away and pose no danger anymore (hopefully). You will get a glimpse behind the scenes during the hike.

From Tschingel we will travel back home.

Additional information: The Berner Oberland is one of the top favorites among world travelers. Maybe you want to stay a little longer.

Theoretically, you could even drive with the car to Tschingel (ample parking). Consequently, you will miss the adventurous and picturesque trip with the special postal bus.

Save the September 1st date, and join the Cornell Club of Switzerland on this scenic and bewitching hike! More details are coming soon!

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