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Who We Are

The Cornell Club of Switzerland is a dynamic and diverse community of Swiss and internationals of all ages and backgrounds that share a common passion for Cornell University and Switzerland!

What We Do

We connect Cornellians living and working in Switzerland through events, tours, talks, outdoor excursions, and parties!  We network with other Cornell alumni clubs around the world and collaborate with Cornell University Alumni Affairs in Ithaca.

Thanksgiving in Schaffhausen

Local Chapters

Stay in touch with our local active chapters in Basel, Zurich, and Geneva. These chapters also hold our annual Zinck’s Night!

Cornell Club of Switzerland members are encouraged to join events in all corners of Switzerland!

Zinck’s Night

Meet Our Board by

The Cornell Club of Switzerland is led by an enthusiastic volunteer team who is passionate about Cornell and Switzerland. Come discover who we are!

LL.M. 2000
B.S. 1975, MBA 1979
LhneyMembership Officer & Website Lead
B.S. 1996, MBA 2006
MariaSocial Media Officer
Volunteer since 2001
B.A. 1990

Rose-MarieWebsite Assistant
Post-Doc Chem. 1992-94
KirkGeneva Lead
M.S. 1988, Ph.D. 2001

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