Hiking the Gorges d’Areuse

Sunday 3 September – Neuchâtel

A lovely late-summer day awaited us in Boudry near Neuchâtel. The region is a lovely area and offers vineyards, lake and splendid view of the alps. Our plans, however, lead us down into the gorge of the Areuse river. The captivating route follows the course of the river Areuse that cut its path through the Jura arch over the past millions of years. The Areuse sometimes flows very slowly, tempestuous the next time. Stone bridges, catwalks, stairways, narrow passages through the cliffs and towering rock walls punctuate this hike through the gorge. Various rare species of plants also can be found along the path. All this combined with changing sunlight (it is sometime a very narrow gorge!) provide ample opportunity for great photos.

The gorge opens more and more the longer we were hiking. And finally, we reached a lovely meadow: Champ-du-Moulin. And, as it is to be expected in such reputed region, there was a restaurant to have lunch. After the restaurant about half of the crowed followed the suggested Plan B and took the train back to Neuchâtel. The others followed the high trail above the gorge back to the start of the hike. This high line offers dramatic views into the gorge and up to the Creux-du-Van and finally over to the snow-capped Swiss Alps.

Now we are ready for take off!

At times it is dramatic!

A bad example of the author:

High above dangerous water and rocks one should not:

a) do not look down and

b) do not take photos!

Interesting corners!

Dark tunnels to explore

At times lush waters flow

Hirschzunge in German (Asplenium scolopendrium) in English it is called the hart’s-tongue fern (if Google is correct).

View from above the gorge into the Bernese Alps. A great round-off towards the end.

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