A Magnificent Day in Lavaux!

17 June 2023

The sunshine, the gentle breeze, and the panoramic view of the famous terraced vineyards with Lake Geneva in the background, all made for a brilliant day in Lavaux. It could not have been more perfect!

Cornell Club of Switzerland – 2023 Lavaux Vineyards Walk & BBQ, Photo by @drink.moi

About Lavaux

Nestled along the shores of Lake Geneva, the Lavaux vineyards captivated us with their breathtaking beauty and rich winemaking heritage, which dates back centuries to the 11th-century Cistercian monks. Stretching over a 30-kilometer stretch of terraced vineyards, Lavaux is a UNESCO World Heritage site renowned for its stunning landscapes, exquisite wines, and deep-rooted cultural significance. We savored the moment to drink it all in – along our walk, and of course, with the wine! 

All of these beautiful images came from our excursion into the heart of Lavaux. Thank you to everyone who shared their photos!

Wine Walk

Our charismatic guide for the day was Sommelier and Wine Educator, Marc Checkley who spoiled us with his wine knowledge and captivated us with his stories and great sense of humor!

Photo by @drink.moi

Our walk started in Chexbres where 34 of us, plus 4 children, and a dog gathered just outside the train station in the picturesque village.

We descended into the steep vineyards and then climbed up to a vista point to enjoy a wine tasting brought to us roadside, “VIP-style” by Titouan Briaux, the winemaker at Domaine Chaudet. We tasted one of his beautiful Chasselas which was the perfect way to refresh ourselves.

Titouan introducing his Chasselas, Photo by @drink.moi

Domaine Chaudet

After raising our glasses, we continued our descent to the Domaine Chaudet where Titouan greeted us and presented his family’s winery and wines.

Photo by @drink.moi

Barbeque Buffet

After we worked up an appetite, there was a mixed grill with an array of sausages and fresh salads to enjoy.

Fun & Games

Marc led us through Wine Bingo and a raffle to win bottles of wine, a free 30-minute wine session with Marc, and Cornell-branded items.

Family Friendly

It was great to have an event where families could have fun together. Kids busied themselves with a wine scavenger hunt complete with a backpack kit of bubbles, notebooks, a pencil, gummy candies, crayons, and more!

Photo by @drink.moi

The Last to Leave

When you are enjoying yourself so much, it is hard to leave. We had a group that stayed to enjoy the wine, the company, and the view just a little longer.

Photo by @drink.moi

Some of us took the ferry from Rivaz towards Lausanne and as they sailed by the group at Domaine Chaudet raised their glasses and cheered! The ferry returned in kind tooting its horn to give a brilliant “Santé !” A magnificent way to end a magnificent day!

A big Thank You to Marc, Titouan, and Chuin (the man behind the scenes and camera!) for a spectacular day to remember!

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